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We offer Southampton Airport Parking at the best prices. From our comparison list, you will find the most reliable, secure, cheap, and closest to airport parking. With a 96% customer satisfaction rate, maximum security standards, never-beaten price, and easy cancellation, we have become an established company, with 15 years of experience. Rest assured, you will get a convenient and budget-friendly parking solution with us.

Whether you want a meet-and-greet, on-airport, or park-and-ride service, we have a wide range of parking choices that will satisfy your requirements and expectations. Save 60% of the total Southampton Airport parking charges, and pre-book Parking at Southampton Airport to avoid finding a parking spot on the day of your flight. Apart from that, on pre-booking with us, you will get up to 60% discount on every parking service.

Southampton Airport Parking Options

All of our daily and weekly charges for every Southampton Airport Parking option are up-to-date, we stay committed and consistently check the pricing to make sure you get the best deal. This is why, we offer great value for money to give you an outstanding parking experience.

Southampton Airport Parking - Meet and Greet

For extra comfort and a luxury touch to your travel plan, we offer Southampton Airport meet-and-greet parking at the airport. This is the most demanded parking option, especially at Southampton airport.

You just have to hand over your car to our well-trained chauffeur and go straight to the Southampton airport terminal. Our driver will park your ride at the most secure and well-lit parking site

In Our Southampton Meet and Greet Parking, we will cover your ride under a car cover to keep it clean from any dust particles and store the keys in a safe cabinet. All of our parking lots are 100% secure with multiple security checks like:

  • CCTV cameras
  • Barriers at entrance and exit
  • Automated license plate recognition system
  • Well-trained security personnel

Southampton Airport Parking - Park and Ride

Even with our maximum security and safety measures, some people are extra possessive about their ride and do not want anyone else handling it for them. So, they choose Park and Ride parking at Southampton Airport. 

This extra time and effort means that you can save some cash by choosing this Southampton Park and Ride parking option. To offer maximum convenience in Southampton Park and Ride, we offer Airport parking lots that are closest to the airport and do not require more than 10 minutes to reach the check-in point. While you are away for your travelling, our trained and professional staff at the Southampton Airport parking lot will take care of your car.

Cheap Southampton Airport Parking - On Airport

This is why we are offering another airport parking option that can beat the comfort of meet-and-greet parking. Our On-airport parking means that you can park your car at the closest location to the check-in point.

You will not even need a shuttle service to reach the terminal, because it will be a 1 minute walk away from our airport parking site. This can cost a little more than meet-and-greet parking, but its cost is nothing compared to the convenience and comfort it offers. To save some cash for your trip, we will highly recommend that you pre-book with us. Why? Pre-booking Parking at Southampton Airport not only offers time-saving, hassle-free, and peace of mind but also a 60% flat discount.

Compare Southampton Airport Parking

We're committed to enhancing your Southampton Airport parking experience. Whether it's short stay, extended stays, luxury, or cost-effectiveness you're after, our parking options cater to your needs.

Book now and start your journey where convenience, affordability, and security seamlessly meet your travel plans.

Southampton Airport Parking - Long Stay

As the name suggests, this Cheap Southampton Airport Parking means that you can park your car for a couple of days, weeks or maybe months. Meet and Greet and Park and Ride are the best choices for long-stay parking at Southampton Airport parking. Why? Because they are convenient and much cheaper than on–airport parking.

Our long-stay parking is mostly used for long family trips, and everyone wants to save their pocket. Therefore, we offer the best and cheapest parking at Southampton Airport to give you a hassle-free start to your journey.

Moreover, if you are looking for a cheaper option, we will highly recommend you go to our Southampton airport park and ride. With only 20 minutes of extra time, you will save a lot of cash.

Southampton Airport Parking - Short Stay

Our Southampton Airport short-stay parking is mostly used for dropping off or picking up someone from the airport terminal. To offer maximum convenience, our parking lots are at the closest location to the airport terminal and do not require a long walk or a shuttle transfer.

If you want to save more on short stays, you can use park and ride service for Southampton Airport car parking. But, you will have to take a bus to reach the check-in or walk to the terminal. Either way, you will save a fair amount of cash.

Southampton Airport Parking - Drop Off and Pick Up

If you want to use our drop-off or pick-up parking service, you can go for short-stay and long-stay parking. For ultra convenience, we suggest you choose our Southampton short-stay parking because this is at the closest location to the check-in point.

If you are tight on budget, then we offer a solution as the Long-Stay parking which is around 1 mile away from the terminal. You can use our free bus service that will drop you off at the terminal within 10 minutes.

Airport Overview

Southampton is an international airport of both Eastleigh as well as Southampton, United Kingdom. The airport became the United Kingdom’s 18th busiest airport in 2016, with more than 2.2 million passengers yearly. AGS Airport group controls and owns the Southampton airport, which also owns the Aberdeen and Glasgow airports.

Back in 2020, every international and domestic flight was operated under Flybe, covering around 40 destinations around the globe, and offering a strong connection with the world.

Airport Location

This is located around 3 miles from north-east central Southampton. This is relatively close to the junction between two motorways M27 and M3. Moreover, some buses take around 45 minutes to reach the airport, and they operate after every 10 - 15 minutes the whole day.

Airport Facilities

There is a wide variety of unmatched services for its customers' satisfaction. The facilities offered by the airport include:

  • Airport Security
  • Airport Map
  • Car Parks
  • Cash Machines
  • Currency
  • Check-In
  • Pick-up and drop-off
  • Food and Drink
  • Help Point
  • Internet Access
  • Left Baggage
  • Lounge
  • Lost Property
  • Medical Help
  • Meeting at the Airport
  • Onward Travel
  • Post Box
  • Shops
  • Shop and Collect
  • Smoking Areas
  • Special Assistance
  • Telephones
  • Transport

Top Things to Do

Apart from the facilities, Southampton Airport offers multiple entertainment options that can keep the passenger busy in their free time. Some of those things to do are given below


The airport is a small hometown of shopping centres where you can buy your basic travelling needs and much more. There are multiple shops and collection services available at the airport, which means if you buy something and do not need it during your travel, you can book it in any shopping centre and they will keep your luggage safe until you return.

  • WHSmith
  • World Duty-Free

Food and Drinks

Although there are a few restaurants in the facility, all of them offer a great taste to satisfy your hungry stomach. From a light meal to something more, and a soft drink to relaxing with a glass of wine, the airport offers it all. Some of the famous food points are given below:

  • Costa Coffee
  • Olive Tree
  • Olive Cafe Bar

Business Lounge

There are several business lounges that passengers use to rest their eyes before a long flight and also to conduct business meetings during flights. You can order light food, read books and magazines, and simply chill out for a while to maintain your energy before your travelling plans.

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Our Alluring Parking Services

    With a quick search, you can find the latest parking deals on our website. We will help you to find fascinating deals according to your demand and need. The price to book a slot starts from as low as £4 and you can also get some discounts by using promo code. You can find the following car parking options on our website.

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    Meet and Greet

    With Southampton meet and greet airport parking services, you will be met by a driver who will take care of your car and park your car at your booked location. Let the driver worry about your car parking from the terminal. Give your keys to him and he will park your car on your behalf. You can get your keys back as soon as you will be back from your journey.

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    Park and Ride

    With Southampton park and Ride services, you can park your car yourself at the parking terminal and get to the terminal quickly. The terminal is usually a few miles away from such parking area and you can get to the terminal by using a free shuttle bus service provided by the airport.


    These car parking lots are operated by the Airport administration and the terminal is just a walking distance away from the parking. These parking lots are ideal if you want to park your car and access the check-in quickly.