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Best Available Best Services and Cheapest Prices for Birmingham Airport Parking Deals

Travelling must be fun yet finding a cheap Birmingham Airport Parking is quite stressful and challenging. Parking Zone can not allow this stress to ruin your well-planned holiday to your favourite destination. Parking Zone offers cheap yet convenient parking services to cater to your varied needs through our tailored parking solutions.

Our Parking Services at Car Parking Birmingham Airport

Navigating through Birmingham Airport Car Park in search of suitable parking is a stressful task. Don't worry, at Parking Zone you will find a wide range of cheap yet convenient parking options at Birmingham Airport. Each parking solution is tailored to relieve you of stress and add to your pleasant travelling memories.

Now we should examine the possible airport parking situations you could go over at the Birmingham airport before you get your flight. 

Valet parking

Birmingham airport car parking can be tedious. But with our pre-booked cheap Birmingham airport car parking, you can enjoy luxurious and secure airport parking. A chauffeur will wait for you at the terminal. Just drive to the terminal, meet the driver, grab your luggage, and head towards the plane.

Parking Away from the Airport

If you need a short stay at Birmingham Airport Parking, you don't have to pass through the bustling Birmingham Airport Car Parking. You can choose our Birmingham Airport parking areas, which are within strolling distance from the terminal. Spare yourself the stress, and boost your everyday step count by walking to the Birmingham Airport!

Spare yourself the hassle, and give a little boost to your daily step count by taking a short stroll to the Birmingham airport terminal!

Shuttle Service to Birmingham Airport

Sometimes, Birmingham Airport parking becomes more challenging than planning your entire trip. But when it starts getting troublesome, leave the car right there! Of Course at your pre-booked park and ride spot near the Birmingham airport car park. Leave it on our shoulders and catch a shuttle to the airport terminal. You can reach the airport terminal from the secure parking facility in 5 to 10 minutes.

Birmingham Airport Parking Solutions

We offer a couple of Birmingham Airport Parking solutions, that infer that you will find something sensible for your parking needs, with more than 12,000 spaces. Anyway, it's recommended to pre-book your Birmingham Airport parking space to hinder last-minute anxiety.

Why Choose Parking Zone

Our customers love us for many facts;

  • We offer low prices.
  • Our parking spaces are safe and secure.
  • Our customers trust us with their car.
  • We facilitate our customers with utmost assistance and support.
  • Highly Secure Birmingham Airport Parking

Our high-security measures and SSL certification make our Birmingham Airport parking facilities and websites 100% safe for our customers. Because of our customer-oriented services, we have been highly recommended by Park Mark and DMCA. 

Easy Cancellation and Amendments

Don’t worry if your travelling plan gets cancelled! We have a free cancellation policy on our flexible deals. You can cancel, amend, and re-book whenever you want in case of a plan change.

Never Beaten on Prices

We guarantee unbeatable prices on our top-notch Birmingham airport car parking services, allowing you to get state-of-the-art car park security at the lowest possible price.

94% Customer Satisfaction Rate

Parking Zone takes pride in its 94% customer satisfaction rating from thousands of reviews from its clients. We welcome feedback on Birmingham Airport car park and openly display reviews to help you make the most informed decision.

Parking Options at Parking Zone’s Car Parking Birmingham Airport

If you are looking for a meet and greet, park and ride, on-air terminal or off-site, short-stay or long-stay we take care of you. Beneath you will find a low-down assessment of all of the Birmingham Airport Parking choices:

Cheap Car Parking Birmingham Airport

We offer a few parking spaces near the airport that take special care of various necessities and offer various arrangements and comforts to entertain your trip to Birmingham Airport. 

At the Parking Zone, you will find several Birmingham airport parking solutions available on-site, where it takes a couple of minutes to walk to reach the Birmingham airport terminal.

You can also avail cheap Birmingham Airport parking garages that require around 10 - 15 minutes of walk or a shuttle bus to reach the terminal.

Furthermore, we have a Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet service on the off chance that you wish to solve the problem of strolling or taking a bus transport to arrive at the terminal.

Regardless of which modest Birmingham Airport parking you select, you will get the best arrangements to meet your parking necessities. Our parking garages have first-class security, including CCTV cameras and regular watches, guaranteeing the greatest safety.

Birmingham Meet and Greet Airport Parking

Meet and Greet: Where Comfort meets Security! Our meet-and-greet parking at Birmingham Airport allows you to reach the airport in a few minutes. You can trust your car to us, hand over your keys to a velvet close to the terminal, and be on your way to Birmingham Airport terminal in less than 5 minutes. Just drive to the terminal, meet the driver, grab your luggage, and head towards the plane. On return, call the driver; he will be waiting with your car at the terminal. Sounds fun, right?

Why use Meet and Greet Parking 

If you find yourself in any of the following circumstances, use Birmingham Airport meet and greet car parking; 

  • Running behind schedule and cannot afford a 15 - 20 minute shuttle ride or walk to the terminal
  • You have heavy luggage.
  • You want a hassle-free travelling process.

Whether you have planned a long happy family trip or a short stay to get or drop off somebody at the airport, our Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet would be an ideal choice.

This is particularly an ideal choice for somebody going on a work trip or a long family getaway. In these cases, you want a Birmingham Airport parking that is convenient, secure, and stress-free. Birmingham Airport valet parking offers a seamless start to your travel plans by sparing the stress of finding a parking spot all by yourself.

Birmingham Airport Parking Cost Analysis

Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet usually ranges from £30 to £40 per day, but with Parking Zone, you can get a deal at the lowest rate of £11 per day. You might be wondering how? Well, the huge price difference is because of our pre-booking discount. 

Birmingham Airport Park and Ride Parking

Park & Ride is the most efficient parking choice. With a short 5 to 10-minute shuttle transfer, reach the airport terminal from the secure parking facility. Park and Ride offers state-of-the-art security with effective customer service.

You just need to park your car at any of the designated Birmingham Airport parking lots and either walk back to the terminal or load your bags in a complimentary shuttle bus service, sit back, and reach the terminal in 5 - 10 minutes.

This is an ideal and cheap Parking for Birmingham Airport car parking compared to other options. The main difference lies in the time taken to arrive at the terminal. Our Birmingham Airport Park and Ride parking garages are so near the Birmingham Airport terminals that it will just require 5-10 minutes to arrive at the Birmingham Airport. You can likewise get a 60% discount on pre-booking with us. Book with us for an issue-free encounter.

Cheap Park and Ride Birmingham Airport are ideal for someone looking for a cheap parking solution near Birmingham Airport. Whether you have a tight budget or different priorities for spending your resources, this is the best cheap Birmingham Airport Parking option. Most passengers use this to make sure they can spend more on other more important aspects of their trip.

Birmingham Terminal Parking – On-airport

At the Parking Zone, we have got for you some parking lots that are closest to the airport terminals. Whether you need a spot for Gatwick Airport Parking, Heathrow Airport Parking, or Birmingham Airport Parking, they are the best match for the on-airport option.

Why? Because you will be parking right inside the airport. This will ensure a seamless check-in transfer and you will not even need a shuttle bus. Also, these Cheap Birmingham Airport Parking lots have excellent security features, similar to the off-airport parking.

For folks going on a long trip with lots of bags, off-site or park-and-ride Birmingham Airport parking options can be annoying. If you're travelling solo, managing your luggage on and off the shuttle is tough. That's why on-airport cheap parking at Birmingham airport is the best choice—it makes things easier for you.

We recommend that you book a Birmingham On-airport parking space with us. If you want a cheaper deal, then pre-book with us and save up to 60%. You can also book our park-and-ride options with a shuttle transfer and save some cash.

Compare Cheap Birmingham Airport Parking Options

We have the best deal for you whether you want any of the above-mentioned parking, saving around 60% of the actual parking price. You can get your hands on the cheapest deal as low as £11 per day. Don't worry about the website’s security, as we have an SSL certificate.

The above-mentioned Birmingham Airport parking choices are cheap, secure, and affordable. These can be generally utilised for lengthy or short-stay parking at Birmingham Airport. Parking Zone is focused on making your voyaging experience more convenient, stress-free, and secure. So get the best value for your money and pick any of these choices for a vehicle parking at Birmingham Airport realising that your vehicle will be in safe hands!

Airport Overview

Birmingham Airport is around 6 miles toward the east-southeast of Birmingham's downtown area. You can arrive at it through the A45 highway, Intersection 6 of the M42 motorway, or the M6 street.

With trips to 287 objections around the world, Birmingham Airport serves both homegrown and global voyagers. Birmingham Airport offers VIP Lounges, a lot of shops, cafes, business offices, parlours, and many more.

The airport has two terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (Eurohub). Notwithstanding different shops, diners, and administrations, the Thousand Years External link establishment inside the terminals offers many more conveniences. There are 48 exit gates spread across the terminals.

Airport Facilities

  • Aircraft Viewing Area
  • Bureau de Change
  • Baggage Trolleys
  • Cash Points
  • Car Hire
  • Departure Lounges
  • Express Lane Security
  • Flight Smart
  • Handling Agents
  • Lost Property
  • Baggage
  • Missing, delayed, or lost baggage
  • Damaged baggage
  • Meeting Rooms & Business Facilities
  • Premium Arrivals Fast Track
  • Public transport
  • Pushchairs
  • Special Assistance
  • Assisted Travel Reception
  • Assistance Dogs
  • Autism Assistance
  • Courtesy Electric Mobility Scooter
  • Consulting
  • Car Parking for Disabled Passengers
  • Help Point
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Sky Zone
  • Security
  • Special Diets
  • Smoking Area
  • Toilet Facilities
  • Changing Places Toilet
  • Terminal Map
  • Travelling With Children

Top Things to Do

Kids’ zone

Birmingham airport also becomes a fun place for kids, in case of flight delays or else. There are play areas with touchscreen tables, inflatable domes, light plays, and many more for them.

VIP Services

If you don't want to wait at the engulfed lounges of the airport, and if you wish to experience all the superior amenities offered by the airport, then you can buy an upgrade or a fast-track voucher. Obtaining the upgrade will give you endless access to compelling services proposed by the airport.

Fine Training

Although the airport is quite smaller than many other airports like Heathrow and Gatwick, this does not bind the performance of the airport. The airport staff is empowered and highly skilled.

Multi-Faith Prayer Room

Birmingham Airport offers multi-faith prayer rooms. Whether the customer is Muslim, Christian, or Roman Catholic, the airport is for all.

Facilitation to people with difficulties

Birmingham Airport offers a wide range of facilities to disabled people. From guide dogs to car parking facilities, the airport is all they need. To acquire the service, one must make a request 48 hours before departure.

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

Coming Soon

  • Our Alluring Parking Services

    ParkingZone has some strict security policies and only those parking fields are listed on the comparison list which fulfil our security policies. You can find three types of parking services at reasonable prices on our website. The parking rates start from £4 per day and vary on weekly basis. We promise to provide you with the best and cheapest rates. Following are the list of the services you can find at PakingZone.

    customer-loyalty-_1_ 1
    Meet and Greet

    If you don’t want to waste your time at the Airport terminal then you can use the Birmingham Airport Meet and Greet parking service. All you have to do is to reach the terminal and call the chauffeur. The chauffeur will meet you at the terminal and park your car at your booked parking lot. We will organize everything for you and you can get your keys back upon your return from your journey.

    car-parking-_1_ 1
    Park and Ride

    If you don’t want to share your keys with the chauffeur then you can use Birmingham Airport Park and Ride service. After reaching the terminal, drive your car at the parking location and reach the terminal with the free shuttle bus service. You can keep your keys with you and drive your car on your arrival from your journey.


    Our customers are not restricted to use only above two services. We also have a contract with those companies whose parking lots are walking distance away from the terminal. You can park your vehicle there if you’re in a hurry and reach the terminal within minutes. Avail this offer and get up to 50% discount now!