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Get our Best-Priced, secure, nearest to the terminal, and cheap Luton Airport Parking to feel the ultimate convenience. When you pre-book parking with us, you will get up to 60% discount on all car parking options.

Whether it's on-airport, Meet and Greet, or the cheapest Airport Park and Ride in Luton, with our facilities, you will get the solution to all of your problems with parking at Luton Airport. Rest assured that your quest to locate the most economical parking solution at Luton Airport concludes successfully with our services.

In case your travel plan is cancelled, we are here to amend your London Luton Airport Parking through our easy cancellation process. So, if you want to avoid the hassles of finding a parking spot, on the day of your travel, pre-book with Parking Zone.

Cheap Luton Airport Parking Options

We provide our Luton Airport Parking options at the cheapest rates so that you can enjoy stress-free parking before your travelling. Even with the lowest rates, we provide maximum security at each parking spot at Luton Airport.

Discover a diverse range of choices to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Our services are not only cost-effective but also approved by DMCA and Park Mark, and located for easy access to the terminal.


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Meet & Greet Luton


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Cheap Luton Airport Parking - Meet and Greet

Experience the best convenience, time-saving and cost-effectiveness with our meet-and-greet parking services. You will book your parking spot with us, and drive directly to the terminal. Call around 10 minutes before reaching the terminal. A friendly face will welcome you at the airport.

Give the car keys to the driver, and he will park your car at your booked parking location. As previously stated, our parking lots are secure with multiple barriers at both the entrance and exit of the parking at Luton Airport. Also, 24/7 CCTV coverage, and security personnel.

We will take care of your ride, and lock the keys in a drawer. This option would be the best for those who value a seamless and time-efficient departure process.

All of our Cheap Meet and Greet Luton airport parking are located at a secure location with multiple CCTV cameras, fences, and security guards. Other than this, our drivers are well-trained, insured, and go through a strict background check.

Cheap Luton Airport Parking - Park and Ride

One of our most demanded services which comes at cheaper rates and still does not compromise on quality services. Just park your ride at our parking lots, and walk towards the airport terminal, or you can also use our free shuttle service to reach there.

It will take around 4 - 5 minutes to reach the terminal on foot and a couple of minutes by shuttle service. This extra time means you can save cash to spend on your travel plans. To provide maximum convenience, our Park and Ride parking at Luton Airport is available at the nearest location to the terminal.

If you have luggage and cannot carry it along, then you should go for Meet and Greet parking. This might be a bit more costly than Park and Ride but it still falls under your budget plan. If you can compromise with the luggage, then do not overthink it, pre-book Luton airport parking service and avail of up to 75% discount.

Cheap Luton Airport Parking - On-Airport

Indulge in our luxury parking with an On-Airport parking option. Park your vehicle just a short walk away from the terminal, ensuring unparalleled convenience, especially for short stays. While this choice may come with a slightly higher cost, the proximity to the departure gate guarantees minimal travel time.

This may be more costly than other parking choices, however, with our 60% markdown, it becomes financially savvy. By pre-booking your parking space with Parking Zone, you're opening a universe of savings and true peace.

Not only will you benefit from tremendous budget savings, but you'll likewise get your parking space. It will eliminate any somewhat late scramble and guarantee a consistent beginning to your tour.

Compare Luton Airport Parking

When it comes to choosing the best option that falls under your convenience and budget, Parking Zone will provide you with everything to ensure a seamless airport experience.

We have crafted each parking option with your problems in mind, and making sure that we offer a solution. Aligning with the duration of your trip, we have the following parking choices.

Luton Airport Short Stay Parking

This an ideal choice for somebody hoping to drop off or get somebody from the Airport. Indeed, even with the least expensive rates, we offer the most extreme facilities and security.

Moreover, it can save a lot of time if you choose On-Airport parking for a short stay. You will not have to transfer luggage or take a walk to reach the terminal. However, it can cost a bit more but not with a 60% markdown on pre-booking.

Luton Airport Long Stay Parking

Assuming your trip stretches over a drawn-out period, our long-stay parking will be your ideal companion. Our parking options are expertly designed to offer more than just transport to the terminal.

We guarantee the safety and security of your vehicle throughout your absence. Start your trip with confidence, knowing that your car is in trustworthy hands. This will allow you to immerse yourself fully in your travels

Off-Airport Parking Luton Airport

Park your car at the nearest location outside the terminal, and use a shuttle bus to reach the check-in point. It will take around 2 - 3 minutes. Also, if you would rather not load and empty your baggage you can stroll for 5 - 7 minutes to arrive at the terminal.


Nonetheless, our meet-and-greet parking beats park-and-ride with its provided comfort. No worrying about luggage or walking to the terminal. Just enter the terminal, give the car keys to our trained chauffeur, and let him handle the rest. When you land back, the driver will be waiting for you, right outside the check-in point.

Luton Airport began working in 1938. Today it is perhaps one of the most senior air terminals in London. Luton Air terminal saw a flood of voyagers in 2018. In 2018 over 16 million explorers went from this air terminal to different areas. And the quantity of travellers is still expanding.

Infrastructure and Services

Luton Air terminal is the fourth most active and biggest air terminal in the United Kingdom. It covers over 60 registration points, and one runway, and claims an area of 196 hectares.

Luton Airport gives constant flying to 84 locations across the globe. A large portion of the locations are inside the UK and Europe. It offers a scope of great administrations to its explorers. The airport offers private, relaxation, and business visits. Redesigns are likewise accessible for premium administrations.

Historical Evolution

Historically, Luton Airport is almost a century old and reflects the development of air travel and the powerful development of the flying business. It was initially settled as a landing strip for the Royal Flying Corps during The Second Great War. Luton Airport has gone through critical changes to arise as a significant worldwide air terminal taking special care of millions of travellers.

The foundations of Luton Airport follow back to 1915 when the Royal Flying Corps claimed land in Luton for use as a runway during The Second Great War. The airfield performed a noteworthy part in supporting military flight attempts. Post-war, the site proceeded with its flying heritage as a hub for aeroplane production. The Percival Aircraft Organization, later becoming Hawker Siddeley, carried its operations at Luton, adding to the town's developing aeronautics importance.

The development from a military landing point to a common air terminal started in 1938. And the Luton Metropolitan Air terminal made its way for regular citizen flights. The flare-up of The Second Great War, in any case, saw the air terminal returning to military use. It filled in as a base for the Royal Flying Corps and assumed a critical part in the protection of the United Kingdom.

Key Milestones

After the war, Luton Airport went through additional advancements to house the rising interest in civil flights. The primary traveller terminal was introduced in 1960, representing a huge achievement in its progress into a business air terminal. Luton saw a surge in passengers, so it spread its facilities to face the surge.

During the 1980s, Luton Airport is portrayed by infrastructure redesigns and a flood in traveller traffic. The airport's closeness to London and key areas made it an ideal decision for explorers searching for simple and easy access to the capital. The development of another global terminal in 1985 highlighted Luton's obligation to work with worldwide air travel.

Modernization and Growth

As the 21st century unfolded, Luton Airport entered a period of quick development and modernization. Terminal renovation, runway expansions, and developed offices changed the air terminal into a considerable player in the flight business. The presentation of minimal-expense transporters further fueled the airport's development, making it a smart decision for economic explorers.

One of the huge achievements in Luton Airport's new history was the initiation of the ongoing current terminal in 1999. This best-in-class facility improved the traveller experience, offering a scope of conveniences and administration. The terminal's plan portrays a mix of usefulness and style, giving a contemporary and inviting climate for explorers.

Strategic Initiatives

The airport's strategic initiatives extended beyond infrastructure improvements. Associations with airlines, travel services, and the travel industry were fashioned to upgrade networks and draw in a different scope of locations. The intro of new courses and carriers set Luton Airport's situation as a central member in the serious flying business.

Luton Airport's obligation to maintainability and ecological obligation turned out to be progressively expressed in the 21st century. The execution of eco-accommodating practices, energy-proficient tech, and waste-decrease programs displayed the airport's devotion to limiting its natural effect. These drives line up with more extensive worldwide endeavours to make a more practical flying industry.

Economic Impact

Moreover, its job as a traveller hub, Luton Airport has effectively added to the economic improvement of the encompassing district. The airport catalyses business development, drawing in ventures and setting out job opportunities. Its influence extends beyond aviation, promoting various industries and services that uplift the regional economy.

Airport Directions

London Luton Airport is 1.7 miles east of the town place in the Precinct of Luton in Bedfordshire, Britain; and 29 miles north of Central London. To get to the airport, travel two miles from the M1 motorway Intersection 10. It is likewise connected with the M25 thruway.

London Luton Airport has set the guidelines with the biggest airports in the United Kingdom concerning facilities. You don't need to take a diversion elsewhere to get fundamental conveniences, because the Luton airport is a one-stop answer for all your necessities. How about we go through every one of the offices accessible in the airport individually?


London Luton Airport gives you agreeable and elite parlours to loosen up in before your flights. These parlours regularly offer conveniences like comfortable seating, free snacks and drinks, charging stations, and here and there even business offices for those expecting to work. The comfortable parlours situated at Luton Airport are additionally very possible for business people as they can complete their transactions also.


The airport flaunts a far-reaching parking framework taking special care of different requirements, guaranteeing comfort for both present-moment and long-haul stays. From short-stay parking for speedy drop-offs or pick-ups to long-term parking for expanded trips, Luton Airport gives secure and well-maintained parking offices.

Contact Information:

A dedicated customer service desk assists passengers with inquiries, providing contact information for various airport services. In addition to physical assistance, passengers can find contact details on the airport's website or mobile app for convenient communication.

Book Flights:

Luton Airport's website facilitates easy flight bookings, enabling passengers to plan and finalise their travel arrangements seamlessly. Customer service representatives may also be available to assist with flight bookings and related inquiries.

Bars & Restaurants:

The airport offers an alternate extent of eating facilities, from nice bistros to upscale restaurants, taking unique consideration of various inclinations and tendencies. You can taste global foods, neighbourhood luxuries, and light meals, guaranteeing a wonderful feasting experience. You can experience each sort of food with the ease of the airport without expecting to sit tight for their #1 dish.

Coach Travel:

Luton Airport provides convenient coach travel services connecting passengers to various destinations, making it an accessible hub for those relying on ground transportation.

Holiday Transfers & Transport:

Specialised services facilitate seamless transfers for holidaymakers, ensuring a smooth transition between the airport and their holiday destinations.

Maps & Directions:

Detailed maps and directions are available to guide passengers through the airport, making it easy to locate facilities, gates, and other points of interest.

Planning your trip:

Resources for trip planning, including information on destinations, weather updates, and travel tips, help passengers prepare for a hassle-free journey.

Special Assistance:

Luton Airport exceeds its obligation to give extraordinary help, guaranteeing that travellers with decreased portability or special needs experience a consistent and comprehensive trip. Prepared staff individuals are devoted to helping these travellers constantly.

From the second they show up at the airport, there are specified assistance points to help with registration, security checks, and boarding. Specific gear and offices, like slopes and lifts, are set up to improve accessibility all through the terminal.


Guaranteeing your well-being and keeping a solid airport climate is a main concern for London Luton Airport. The airport utilises a multifaceted way to deal with security, beginning with careful security checks for all travellers and their possessions.

Best-in-class surveillance systems are decisively positioned all through the terminal and the surrounding regions, continually checking and improving situational mindfulness.


Different shops and stores offer obligation-free shopping, trinkets, and a range of items, permitting you to capitalise on your time at the airport.

Silverstone Circuit:

For motorsport enthusiasts, Luton Airport may offer services related to the nearby Silverstone Circuit, providing information, transfers, or even special packages for events.

Travel Money:

Facilities for currency exchange and other financial services cater to the diverse international passenger base, ensuring they have access to the required currencies.

Travel Disruption Advice:

Identifying unforeseen conditions during travel, Luton Airport aims to help you in times of mess. In case of unexpected conditions like climate-related issues, strikes, or different disturbances, the airport gives a convenient and precise appeal to assist you with exploring changes to your travel plan. Data is spread through different channels, including computerised presentations, declarations, and online stages, guaranteeing that you are immediately informed about any interruptions.

Travel Checklist:

Luton Airport recognizes the importance of thorough preparation for a smooth travel experience. To assist passengers in this regard, a comprehensive travel checklist is made available. This checklist covers essential aspects of pre-travel preparations, including documentation, baggage requirements, and security procedures. Passengers can access this resource through the airport's website, mobile app, or at designated information points within the terminal. 

WiFi at Luton Airport:


Understanding the significance of connectivity in the present advanced age, Luton Airport gives both free and premium Wi-Fi services for you. This convenience empowers you to stay associated with companions, family, or partners while hanging tight for your flights. Whether making up for lost time with work messages, streaming substance, or exploring the web, you can partake in a dependable and rapid web association all through the airport network.

Luton Airport consolidates a cluster of outstanding services for its precious clients. The airport guarantees rigorous defence for the deep-rooted delight of travellers. It extends numerous striking amenities for its customers' comfort.

Food and Restaurants

There are the world’s most luxurious restaurants working inside the airport. They offer multiple kinds of foods from Mexican to Asian. Also, they offer a vegan and children-friendly menu to cater to different kinds of customers.



Luton airport has a lot of shops for you to purchase not only food, shoes, and clothes but many accessories like handsfree, valises, mobile chargers and others.


London Luton is not all about flights, eating, and shopping. It also renders a wide variety of unique amenities. For clients facing flight delays or waiting, the airport offers a chauffeur who will drive you around it. There are aviaries, flower farms, museums, art galleries, antique centres and a lot more.

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    We are working with only those parking operators who are fulfilling our strict security protocol. We will provide you with all the options of cheap Luton Airport car parking services. You can get three types of parking services on our website. Following is the list of the services you can get:

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    Meet and Greet

    Parking Zone provides a comparison list of meet & greet parking services at Luton Airport. In meet & greet car parking service, you will meet a person close to the airport terminal and he will park your car. Apart from car parking service, you can also avail the car wash service from the parking operators who are offering car wash services.

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    Park and Ride

    With Liverpool Park & Ride service you can park your car yourself at a booked location and keep your keys with you. Your car will be parked under the 24/7 surveillance system and you can pick your car once you arrive from your journey. You can also access the terminal within 10 to 15 minutes by using shuttle bus service.


    Our customers are not restricted to use only these two service. They can also use Parking Zone On-Airport parking option. On Airport car parking is probably the quickest option to park your car at any airport. You can park your car at the terminal and walk to the terminal within a minute or two.