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We stand out in the industry with the best security measures, cheap rates, closest to the terminal, never beaten on price, easy cancellation, and a smooth booking process.

We offer a wide range of cheap Bournemouth Airport Parking. You will find something that suits your needs. We offer the best charges if you are looking for Meet and Greet, Park and Ride, and On-Site parking.

We have earned the trust of Park Mark and DMCA  by combining our 75% discount on pre-booking and 96% customer satisfaction rate.

With our Never Beaten price guarantee, excellent customer support, and pre-booking discount, you will surely get the best deal for Cheap parking at Bournemouth Airport.

Bournemouth Airport Parking Options

We have the best offers for Bournemouth Airport car Parking to help our customers achieve comfort, convenience, security, and time management. Whether you want a meet and greet, park and ride, on-site, or something for a long or short stay, we got you covered with our best and cheapest deals.

Our parking options are budget-friendly for every Business traveller, someone going on a Family trip, and especially blue badge holders. You can be comfortable and count on us for Bournemouth Airport parking.

Cheap Parking Bournemouth Airport - Meet and Greet

How does the Meet and Greet service work for you? Reach the terminal entrance and one of our professional valets will collect your car at the terminal. Get out of your ride and hand over the keys to our trained chauffeur. Enter the terminal and forget about your ride because our driver will park it for you. 

With the luxury, comfort, and convenience, we can guarantee you will not find a better option than our Cheap Meet and Greet parking at Bournemouth Airport.

When you land back at the terminal, just call us, and our driver will be waiting at the chosen location, waiting to give your car back to you. The whole luxury greets your mind with butterflies, but you might wonder if it's safe.

The answer is absolutely. All our parking sites are under 24/7 CCTV camera coverage and security checkpoints at the entrance and exit. Trained personnel patrol our sites round the clock, and we have high recommendations and reviews from Park Mark, DMCA, Trip Advisor, and Trust Pilot. 

For our Bournemouth Airport Parking Meet and Greet, all the chauffeurs are well-insured, trained, and went through a strict background check. All of these precautions are necessary because of Park Mark guidelines. Moreover, we will let you note the current kilometres you have covered in your car. You can match that number on your arrival. It will give you extra peace of mind that no one will drive your car behind your back.

Bournemouth Airport Car Parking - Park and Ride

Drive to the parking garage, leave your vehicle and stroll towards the terminal. If you are uncomfortable giving control of your ride to another person, our Park and Ride service is the best option.

Likewise, our parking garages are nearest to the terminal. We ensure a similar security level as the Bournemouth Air terminal Parking Meet and Greet. This option is also available for our off-site parking (outside the airport), and we will help you save some more cash. Just park your ride at our off-site parking lot and use a shuttle service. It takes around 15 minutes to drop you off at the terminal. 

Our cheap park-and-ride services offer round-the-clock security, a car wash, budget-friendly parking at Bournemouth Airport, and much more.

The Bournemouth Airport parking lot is outside the terminal. You may worry about the security. No worries, because we are a Park Mark-approved parking company. We are concentrating on giving first-class security highlights, like CCTV cameras, fences, and exit and entry hindrances.

Cheap Bournemouth Airport Parking - On-airport parking

On-airport resembles the park-and-ride choice. However, it only deals with parking inside the air terminal's premises. You can park your vehicle at our parking lot closest to the terminal and stroll to the check-in area.

This convenience can be costly for long-stay parking, but our 75% discount on pre-booking can lessen the cost from £100 to £30. Also, our on-airport parking lots get booked quickly, so we suggest you book as soon as possible.

It is an ideal Bournemouth airport car parking choice if you do not prefer someone else driving your car to the parking lot. Moreover, sometimes the passengers are in a hurry to use the shuttle bus. Even though it's fast and convenient, they cannot use this because of time constraints. In both cases, our official Bournemouth Airport vehicle parking will be the most ideal decision.

Bournemouth Airport Parking Comparison

The ideal airport parking is where you save money and time while taking advantage of the amenities. That is precisely what the parking zone offers. So, let us help you get the best parking deal at Bournemouth Airport. Book early, and enjoy later!

Cheap Bournemouth Airport Parking - Long Stay

At the point when you park your ride for several days, it would be viewed as long-stay parking. Most tourists use meet-and-greet, park-and-ride for long-stay parking.

Long-stay parking at Bournemouth Airport costs around £120 each week. However, if you pre-book with Parking Zone, it will diminish dramatically to £35. Our parking areas are day-in and day-out managed by following safety efforts.

  • CCTV Cameras
  • Trained security staff
  • Automatic licence plate recognition framework
  • Security fencing
  • Hindrances at the entry and exit

Bournemouth Airport Short Stay Parking

It is viewed as short-stay parking if you leave your vehicle for 30 minutes or less. This decision will suit you best if you are going to a gathering at the air terminal or to drop off or get somebody.

You can use on-site parking, meet and greet, park and ride, or even off-air terminal parking. We offer the best insight and the least expensive arrangement for short-stay parking. As it is for a couple of hours, our parking lots are closest to the terminal. So you can get a seamless experience.

Airport Overview

The airport was developed in 1944 and was previously known as Hurn Airport. Before the development of Heathrow Airport, the airport operated as London’s International Airport from 1944 - 1946.

Because of recent renovation and development, it has become London’s most secure airport. It is also famous for its user-friendly environment and excellent facilities.

In 2008, the airport saw its biggest number of explorers, more than a million. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, these numbers dropped drastically to seven hundred thousand in 2021.

Airport Directions

The air terminal is 3.5 miles north-upper east of Bournemouth and around 100 miles southwest of London. It is just a 15-minute drive away from Bournemouth's central city. The airport is also accessible through multiple motorways like A31, M27, and A35.

Airport Facilities

  • Toilets
  • Disabled Toilets
  • Meals
  • Beverages
  • Alcoholic Drinks
  • VIP Lounges
  • Informational Points
  • Airline Passenger Assistance
  • Car wash
  • Books and gift shops
  • Shopping centres
  • Multiple security checks
  • Baggage facilities
  • Meeting rooms
  • Prayer rooms
  • Smoking areas
  • Parking Facilities

Top Things To Do


There are two shopping points at the airport. Both of them come after security checkpoints. You can buy all travel-related goods from there, all at reasonable prices.

  • WH Smith
  • Alpha Airport Shopping

Food and Beverages

There are multiple food and drink stores at the airport. From simple and light foods to proper meal points where you can satisfy your hungry stomach. Also, there are some points where they serve children's food. 

  • The Navigator
  • Coffee pantry
  • Peaches

Special Assistance

The airport has parking zones and other facilities just for Disabled people. People with disabilities are not bound to experience its tremendous amenities. There are a lot of perks for them to enjoy.

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Our Alluring Parking Services

    ParkingZone does not compromise the security policies of your car and only those parking fields are listed on the comparison list which fulfils our security policies. The parking rates are starting from £4 per day and you can avail discounts as well. We promise to provide you with the best and cheapest parking rates. Following are the list of the services you can find at PakingZone.

    customer-loyalty-_1_ 1
    Meet and Greet

    You simply drive straight to the terminal forecourt or nearby designated meeting point, hand your keys over to your Meet & Greet operator, take your luggage and walk to the check-in desks. Your car will be taken a secure parking facility where it will stay for the duration of your trip.

    car-parking-_1_ 1
    Park and Ride

    Some off-airport car parks are self-park, which means you keep your keys and your car stays in the parking bay where you parked it. Others are park and ride, which means you drop your car at the Reception area of the car park and hand over your keys. Your car will be parked for you, while you hop on the shuttle bus to the airport terminal. Your car will then be returned to the Reception area for you to collect at the end of your trip.


    Parking at Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2 is easy. You just follow the signs to the car park, find a parking space, unload your luggage and walk to the terminal building. This type of parking is “self-park”, which means you keep your keys and park the car in a parking bay yourself, rather than handing it over to a valet driver.