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Travel is fun but the part which most people hate is finding an Airport parking spot. City centres are bustling with traffic and finding airport car parking is difficult on its own but even more tedious is finding cheap airport parking. London Stansted Airport is one of the largest airports in the UK and if you are boarding from Stansted and worrying about the perfect airport parking spot, we see you!

 We have a mission to make the travel process as seamless and smooth as we can. With a commitment to excellence, we know exactly what a hurried passenger at an airport needs and how we can take care of his airport car parking problems.

The safest,  most secure airport parking spot

 At Stansted Airport, we offer you the safest,  most secure airport parking spot and the most stress-free parking procedure with several varied services tailored to accommodate your travel and airport parking requirements. We want you to board from Stansted Airport with confidence without worrying about your prized possessions! 

Whether you are leaving Stansted Airport for a quick business trip or going for an extended family vacation, we are here for your airport parking solutions. Maybe you are going to attend a friend’s wedding ceremony or are about to explore your dream travel destination, we have got you covered. 

Whether you have loads of luggage and carry-ons or are a single parent managing your kids who are excited (read over-excited!)for the travel, we make sure your pre-boarding experience from Stansted Airport is the most comfortable, secure and hassle-free. 

As the threshold of stress-free travel, our Stansted airport parking service offers a harbour for travel enthusiasts looking for an efficient and secure solution for their airport car parking while they fulfil their travelling dreams. 

With a mission to provide an elite airport parking experience, our cheap Stansted airport parking services take pride in our state-of-the-art security apparatus, guaranteeing that our customers can leave their cars at the Stansted airport parking with trust, resting assured that their valuable vehicles are in safe hands and secured airport parking.   

Security Measures in Car Parking Stansted Airport 

Security is the topmost concern of a car owner. We understand this, so our parking at Stansted Airport is secured with the latest technology and security measures. Following are the measures we take as part of our security apparatus at Stansted Airport car park. 

  • Uniformed Staff
  • Fenced Parameters
  • Trained Drivers
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Licence Plate Recognition
  • Entrance and Exit Barriers

Parking Zone has some strict airport security policies and only those parking fields are listed on the comparison list which fulfil our security policies. You can find three types of parking services at reasonable prices.

 Our parking rates start from £8 per day and vary every week. We promise to provide you with the best and cheapest rates for airport parking. Following is the list of the parking services we offer at PakingZone.

Cheap Stansted Airport Parking Options

We realize the unique needs of each journey and our Stansted airport parking solutions are tailored to cater to the diverse airport parking needs.  

Whether it's a quick work trip or a long vacation, our wide array of services at airport parking Stansted accommodates every travel enthusiast offering versatile airport parking service options that harmonise with their schedules and preferences. 

We won’t let the problems of car Parking at Stansted Airport ruin the excitement of your travel plans. That's why, with days of research, we have crafted a list of our best Stansted Airport Parking. All of our services come with easy cancellation and amendment and a price check guarantee. 

Meet and Greet at Stansted Airport Parking

Planning a trip is quite a tedious task on its own and we don’t want to add to your hassle. So we offer meet and greet parking at Stansted Airport for those who want to give a relaxing and luxurious start to their trip.

 If you are someone who loves smooth, hassle-free travel and parking procedures then Stansted airport meet and greet parking is the best option for you. No more wandering around to find a parking spot or a long walk to the terminal. Here is how we have brought the easiest, most comfortable parking plan for you. 

Contact us 10 minutes before entering the terminal, and our well-trained, professional driver will be waiting for you at the drop-off location in the parking. Give him the car keys, and let him handle the rest.

The driver will park your car at the pre-booked cheap Stansted airport parking location, and lock away your car keys in a specific drawer. 

So, if you are looking for something that does not cost a lot, but offers the utmost convenience and relaxation then you should go for Stansted Airport meet and greet parking.

Park and Ride at Stansted Airport

If you are tight on budget or have other priorities to spend your resources, Stansted Airport Park-and-Ride will be the best option for your travel needs. This is the ideal choice for most of the travellers looking for long-stay parking.

Because of its high demand, we recommend you pre-book parking at Stansted Airport. This will not only save you the hassle and stress of finding the perfect parking and ride spot at Stansted airport at peak time but also give you a huge 60% discount.

You just have to park your car at the nearest location to the Stansted terminal and use a shuttle bus to reach the check-in point. It will take around 10-15 minutes but will save a lot of cash as compared to our meet-and-greet airport parking.

On-airport parking at Stansted Airport

If you do not want to use the shuttle bus in Park and Ride, or hand over the car to a driver in Meet and Greet parking, we will highly recommend booking our on-airport cheap Stansted airport parking.

As the name suggests, this is located right at the check-in point and only takes a couple of minutes to reach the airport.  However it can be a bit expensive for long-stay airport parking, but through pre-booking with us, you can enjoy up to a 60% discount on your airport car park at Stansted.

Also, park-and-ride is ideal for short-stay Stansted Airport Parking and will be a cost-effective solution for your car park. 

Cheap Stansted Airport Parking

We value our customers’ money and understand that travel procedures themselves are quite expensive. This is why, unlike a lot of other airport parking companies, we never overcharge our customers or take advantage of their airport parking problems.

 Instead, we try to compensate our valued customers for their travel expenses and provide very cheap Stansted Airport parking so that they can follow their travel dreams while we take care of their cars!  

 Highly secure parking at Stansted Airport London

Leaving your car with someone is a sensitive matter, we understand! So we have made the process so secure that you don’t keep worrying about your car’s safety on your trip. Our high-security measures and SSL certification make our Birmingham Airport parking facilities and websites 100% safe for our customers.

 You can trust us with your prized possessions as we understand the value of our money and vehicles. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction and delivering the most efficient airport parking solutions at the airport with security and comfort. Because of our customer-oriented services, we have been highly recommended by Park Mark and DMCA. 

Cancel, amend or re-book with ease whenever you want! 

We know the pain of a travelling plan getting cancelled at the last minute. You have not arrived at Stansted Airport yet? Good for you. Now don’t worry about cancellation as we have a free cancellation policy on our flexible deals. If your flight gets delayed, we have a very flexible amendment policy for our car parking. You can cancel, amend, and re-book whenever you want in case of a plan change.

Unbeatable Prices at Stansted Airport Parking

We believe in making our customers happy and confident about their airport parking choice and their car security. So we guarantee unbeatable prices on our top-notch Stansted airport car park services, allowing you to get state-of-the-art car parking security at the lowest possible price.

94% customer satisfaction rate

We take pride in its 94% customer satisfaction rating from thousands of reviews from its clients. We welcome feedback on Stansted Airport car park and openly display reviews to help you make the most informed decision on the airport. 

We assure you that we are dedicated to providing you with the most premium experience in your car park at Stansted Airport. 

Some Quick Recommendations

One thing that makes our Stansted Airport car parking so popular is that we have so many trusted, official options to choose from.

 With high-quality security features in these official airport car parks, including CCTV, regular staff patrols and more, you can be confident that your car is in safe hands. Choosing the right official Stansted Airport car park for your booking comes down to your top priorities:

1: Hold onto your Keys

On a busy flight day, save time by parking close to the airport’s terminal (4 minutes away via shuttle bus) and avoid having to turn in your keys at the Short Stay parking lot.

2: Get the Most Convenient Offical Airport Parking: 

Would rather take a short walk to departures than deal with the headache of the airport car park? The ideal solution will be meet-and-greet parking. Your driver will take care of locating a spot in the Short Stay secured parking lot while you're already en route to check in, following your arrival in the Meet & Greet area.

3: Get the cheapest official Airport Parking:

The Long Stay parking lot is the best choice if you're searching for the cheapest official airport parking space at Stansted. Your booking includes a 15-minute transfer to check-in, during which you will keep hold of your keys.  

Stansted Airport London Overview

Since 2013, the airport has been owned by the Manchester Airports Group and has a total area of 713 hectares. London Stansted Airport is currently London’s largest airport covering more than 18 million passengers yearly and connects more than 160 destinations around the world.

Stansted Airport London Directions

International Stansted Airport lies 42 miles northeast of Central London and 0.9 miles from the Hertfordshire border. The airport is placed at the village Stansted Mountfitchet in the district of Uttlesford in Essex. Stansted Airport is the newest passenger airport of all in London. It has only one terminal which is an extended glass building having no gate.

Amazing discounts with Cheap Stansted Parking Options

We provide you with up to a whopping 60% discount on our cheap airport parking Stansted choices, which include our cheapest parking option, the official Stansted Short-Stay. If you want to view current prices, just provide your dates and time in our easy-to-use booking tool and it’ll show you current airport parking pricing and live availability. 

Compare Cheap Stansted Airport Parking Options

As far as the price comparison is concerned, we assure you that we offer a price check guarantee, and have never beaten on price. Our committed team spends hours precisely verifying price lists through extensive research. 

As they fluctuate continuously, our team stays dedicated, persistently on their workstations to immediately update the information on the comparison of cheap Stansted Airport car park prices. 

This firm commitment ensures that our customers have access to the most accurate and up-to-date Stansted London Airport car park price comparisons, enabling them to make well-informed choices about their car parking at Stansted Airport. So, compare the prices according to the long-stay or short–stay parking and choose what deal suits you the best. 

Short-Stay Parking at Stansted Airport

We offer this car park for a short stay at the airport. Whether you are at Stansted to pick up or drop off a passenger, or some other business. On-airport parking is the best option for a short stay, because of its convenience, closeness to the airport, and cost-effectiveness.

If you want cheap parking at Stansted Airport, then you can go for Park and Ride for short-stay parking at Stansted Airport. But, you will have to take a shuttle for park and ride, which will take around 10 – 15 minutes to reach the terminal. 

Long - Stay Parking at Stansted Airport

If you have long travel plans then our long-stay parking option would be the best for you. We offer a diverse range of cheap Stansted airport parking like Meet and Greet and Park and Ride for long-stay parking. 

Meet and greet will offer a convenient option while staying within the budget and getting the best possible airport car park services. On the other hand, Park and Ride will offer the cheapest rate to spend a little extra time on a shuttle bus to reach the terminal.

Airport Transfers: 

Once you've booked and arranged your car park at Stansted Airport it's time to finish up your list of necessary travel items. Did you know that we provide transport to and from your destination airport in addition to excellent discounts on anything you could need at our airports located in the United Kingdom?

We search for top-rated suppliers to deliver affordable airport transfers to over 4000 locations worldwide, so regardless of your destination airport, we can get you there with the least amount of hassle. 

We also offer a wide selection of cars, such as affordable shuttles and practical taxis. We offer inexpensive private minibuses for big parties, so regardless of your preferred mode of transportation to the airport and the number of people you are travelling with, we have a park-and-transfer solution for you. 

Top Choice for London Stansted Airport Car Parking

We at Parking Zone are committed to offering our customers the best car parking deals at Stansted Airport with savings of up to 60% off on advance pre-booking prices. 

Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

What is the Cheapest Way to Park at Stansted Airport?

The cheapest parking option at Stansted Airport would be Park and Ride. When you combine it with our 60% pre-booking discount, it becomes even cheaper.

What is the Most Convenient car park Option at Stansted?

Meet and Greet parking is the most convenient yet cheap parking at Stansted Airport. 

Is it Cheaper to Book a Stansted Airport Parking in Advance?

Yes, when you pre-book our Stansted airport parking, you will get up to 60% discount on every car park option either Park and Ride, Meet and Greet, or On-Airport.

Is pre-booking a Parking Spot at Stansted Airport Necessary?

No, it's not necessary to pre–book a parking spot at Stansted Airport. But, it will give you a 60% discount and the best convenience for the airport car park before starting your trip.

What to do if my flight gets delayed at Stansted Airport?

If your flight gets delayed at Stansted Airport, try contacting the parking service you chose as soon as possible so that they may know that you will be late. It’s then up to the parking service if you will have to cover charges for any extra car parking time. 

How Much is Parking at Stansted Airport?

Dropping off or picking up at Stansted Airport? If you intend to spend longer than an hour, it might be more cost-effective to reserve a full day's parking with us. To compare prices and save time at the airport, be sure to use the search engine at the top of the page and enter your pick-up and drop-off dates at Stansted Airport. 

How can I amend or cancel a booking?

It’s simple. You can change your dates or timings in just a few clicks anytime before the arrival time on the booking. You won’t be charged any fee for this, you only have to pay extra charges if the new deal is at a higher price. In case the new price is lower, we’ll refund you the extra charges. 

How long is Long Stay Park at Stansted Airport parking?

Well, there is no maximum limit to that. The minimum stay in long-stay parking at Stansted Airport is 6 days. Other than that, you can keep your car parked at the Long Stay car parking at Stansted Airport for as long as you need - if you are planning to be away for 2 weeks or more, Long Stay airport parking is the best choice!

How short is a Short Stay at Stansted Airport?

The Short Stay Airport parking has no maximum or minimum stay limit. If you are going to have a trip between 3-5 days, short-stay parking would be the best option. If you're going to be away for any longer, we recommend you consider the Mid Stay or Long Stay airport car parking to save money.

How Can I save maximum money on Stansted Airport Parking?

Simple- you just need to book your airport car parking in advance with Parking Zone to get up to 60% discount as compared to paying on your arrival day. Also,  the earlier you pre-book, the more money you can save on your airport parking.  

How to save money on your Stansted Airport Parking 

Travel procedures are already expensive and we know paying through the nose for your airport parking is not worth it. That's why we're committed to ensuring that you get the best deals and the cheapest offers on your airport car park as easily as possible. Check out our tips that can save you the most money. So you can find the best airport parking deals for the cheapest prices. 


1) Always make an advance pre-booking:

 To prevent skyrocketing costs and last-minute deals, make sure you reserve your airport parking as far in advance as possible. You can save up to 70% if you book with Parking Zone as soon as your vacation is confirmed as opposed to booking on the arrival day. If possible, avoid paying at the gate as this is when airport parking fees may highly add up.

2)Park and Ride Service is usually the cheapest 

Place your car in a secured lot a little bit further from the airport. These off-site car parking lots are usually the cheapest because they are not located on the airport grounds, and the hassle-free shuttle transfer services make them no more complicated than on-site parking.


3) Make a booking for the Hotel & Airport Parking Package: 

By bundling your overnight stay with your airport parking, you not only avoid having to worry about early morning traffic on the way to the airport, but you can also save a tonne of money Hotel and airport parking packages are so affordable that they often come out to be cheaper than parking alone for a night's stay and a week's worth of parking!

4) Utilize Parking Zone’s Never Beaten on Price Guarantee: 

We guarantee that we provide the cheapest deals on Stansted airport London. We bet you can’t find the same Stansted Airport car parking deal cheaper elsewhere on the web. And if you do find a cheaper deal within 24 hours of booking, just let us know and we will happily refund the difference!

5) Always Book a Non-Flexible Parking Deal Whenever You Can:


If you have a confirmed vacation and are positive you won't need to cancel your airport car park, you may be able to save a few more pounds by booking a nonrefundable and non-amendable package. After selecting "get my quote" on our search engine, all of our packages for the airport of your choice will be displayed whether it is Gatwick Airport, Birmingham Airport or Heathrow Airport.


Airport Overview

Since 2013, the airport has been owned by the Manchester Airports Group and has a total area of 713 hectares. It is currently London’s largest airport covering more than 18 million passengers yearly and connects more than 160 destinations around the world.

Airport Direction

International Stansted Airport lies 42 miles northeast of Central London and 0.9 miles from the Hertfordshire border. It is placed at the village Stansted Mountfitchet in the district of Uttlesford in Essex. Stansted is the newest passenger airport of all in London. It has only one terminal which is an extended glass building having no gate.

Airport Facilities

  • Chapel
  • Car Hire
  • Cash Machines
  • Conference Rooms
  • Food and Drink
  • Help Points
  • Internet Access
  • Information Desk
  • Lost Property
  • Lounges
  • Map
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Overnight in the terminal
  • Post Boxes
  • Shopping Services
  • Smoking Areas
  • Stansted Contact Numbers

Top Things to Do


There are dozens of luxury and affordable restaurants at Stansted Airport that serve delicious meals to satisfy your hunger before your travel plans. They serve all kinds of food from meat to veg, and a children's menu.

Get Connected

You can have a 4-hour complimentary access to WiFi at Stansted Airport. However, if the stay seems long due to flight delays or else, you can purchase a 24-hour internet plan to enjoy availability.

Business Lounges

These premium lounges will give you free access to infinite WiFi, a buffet, a bar, a newspaper, a magazine, a calm lounge, and a lot more.

Guide to Frequently Asked Questions

Coming Soon

  • Stansted Airport Meet & Greet Airport Parking

    Browse the great deals on Stansted Airport Meet & Greet parking. Get an Instant quote online and great prices on Stansted Meet and Greet Parking

    Car Park Transfer Time
    Price (per week)
    Stansted Easy Parking Meet & Greet - Non Flex
    Chauffeur will Pick Car ON Airport
    Per / Day
    Stansted Easy Parking Meet & Greet
    Chauffeur will Pick Car ON Airport
    Per / Day
    SMG Value Plus Meet & Greet
    Chauffeur will Pick Car ON Airport
    Per / Day
    SMG VIP Meet & Greet
    Chauffeur will Pick Car ON Airport
    Per / Day

    Stansted Airport Park & Ride Parking

    With Stansted Park and Ride at Parking Zone, enjoy reliable and hassle-free parking. No Booking Fee & Free SMS Confirmation. Get a quote now!

    Car Park Transfer Time
    Price (per week)
    SMG Value Park & Ride
    Chauffeur will Pick Car ON Airport
    Peak Park and Ride
    Chauffeur will Pick Car ON Airport

    Our Alluring Parking Services

    Parking Zone has some strict security policies and only those parking fields are listed on the comparison list which fulfil our security policies. You can find three types of parking services at reasonable prices. Our parking rates start from £4 per day and vary on weekly basis. We promise to provide you with the best and cheapest rates. Following are the list of the services we offer at PakingZone.

    customer-loyalty-_1_ 1
    Meet and Greet

    If you don’t want to waste your time at the Airport terminal then you can use our Stansted meet and greet car parking service. All you have to do is to reach the terminal and call the chauffeur. The chauffeur will meet you at the terminal and park your car at your booked parking lot. We will organize everything for you and you can get your keys back upon your return from your journey.

    car-parking-_1_ 1
    Park and Ride

    If you don’t want to share your keys with chauffeur then you can use the Stansted Airport Park and Ride service. After reaching the terminal, you can park your car yourself in the parking lot. You can keep your car keys with you and drive your car upon your arrival from your journey.


    We also have a contract with those companies whose parking lots are walking distance away from the terminal. You can park your vehicle there if you’re in a hurry and reach the terminal within minutes.